Invite Your Team

Fundraising chairpersons are called “Popcorn Commissioners” under our theme. This app is designed to support the Commissioner with all the tools you will need to organize coaches, captains and parents/scouts and create motivated selling teams.

We recommend at least three coaches to help you manage your teams, Show N Sells and inventory distribution. Den leaders are a natural selection as team Captains and their den meetings are great place to inform parents and scouts of upcoming “Show N Sells” and training for “Door-to-Door” selling. We’ve written the invitations for you – just enter their names and press send.

Tip: Remind your coaches and captains to teach your scouts to deliver a good sales pitch. “Would you like to support the Cub Scouts? We’re selling popcorn today.” If your customer says no, don’t forget to ask “Would you like to make a donation?”